Cooking class in the very center of Florence with an authentic Florentine chef

Don’t miss this fun and useful tuscan cooking class right by the Duomo, so that you can reach the cooking class with only a little walk from your Hotel.
The building is a beautiful house, turned into a loft, whereas in the medieval time it was a bakery .
Take the half day cooking class so that you can take back special memories and new learnings and impress your friends and family with typical Tuscan dishes accompanied by an equally good Tuscan wine
The Menu is based only on seasonal food because we believe in the “farm to the table” ideal and all the ingredients are totally organic.
The max number of partecipants is 6 people so you can have the opportunity of a “hands on” approach during the cooking class.
At the cooking class you will learn how to prepare a full Tuscan meal , from the primo (pasta), secondo, up to the dolce (dessert)
Then you will enjoy your meal accompanied with a lot of good wine.


Cooking Class in the very center of Florence, by the Duomo
Authentic Tuscan chef
Printed recipes


every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3.00 pm up to 7.00 pm, minimum 2 people.


By the Duomo


150 euro per person
Vegetarian and Vegan cooking class on request